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appareil de récupération musculaire
pistolet de massage
pistolet de massage pas cher
appareil de récupération musculaire
pistolet de massage
pistolet de massage pas cher


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RX 2.0 Massage Gun: New Generation Muscle Relief and Recovery.

Do you sometimes have constant aches and pains for several days or feel weak after a workout?

The RX2.0 massage gun is a muscle recovery device created by engineers and recognized by health professionals thanks to its percussion therapy.

✅ Relieve muscle stiffness & pain

✅ Accelerates and optimizes muscle recovery

✅ Increased blood circulation and muscle oxygenation.

✅ 6 Speed ​​Levels

Portable & Lightweight

RX 2.0 Pistol: The ideal Muscle Recovery Device!

The RX2.0™ massage gun is a new muscle massage device ideal for relieving tight or sore muscles before, during or after your workout. This muscle recovery device is used by many amateur and professional athletes.

Optimal Muscle Recovery Thanks to Percussion Therapy

Incessant soreness can last up to several days after your workout, reducing your energy level and consequently your performance.

Using a professional muscle recovery device such as the RX2.0 gun is the ideal tool to relieve your aches and pains in record time and increase your performance.

  • Deeply massages muscle tissue, significantly reducing recovery time and soreness
  • 4 replacement heads to treat all areas of your body.
  • Recommended to prevent injuries during winter

Features :

Model: RX2.0

Number of massage heads: 4

Battery capacity: 2500mAh

Battery life: 2 hours

Rated speed: 1200 ~ 4000r/min

Speed ​​adjustment: six gears

Size: 22x21x5cm

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