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muscler machoire
Jaw strength training
muscler machoire
balle musculation machoire
muscler sa machoire
balle caoutchouc machoire
muscler machoire
Jaw strength training
muscler machoire
balle musculation machoire
muscler sa machoire
balle caoutchouc machoire

Jaw strength training

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Redefine your face by strengthening your jaw.

  • Blue color – 18 KG of resistance
  • Purple color – 22 KG of resistance
  • Black color – 27 KG of resistance
We suggest you start with the first level (blue) and progress to higher resistances in order to to warm up your muscles to limit the risk of injury, and thus obtain better results.

A visibly muscular jawline for a toned face.

strengthen jaw before after
The jaw strengthener is the most effective facial exercise for strengthen and tone your facial muscles . Get a more defined face and regain your youthful appearance.

In just 10 to 15 minutes of training per day you will notice a difference.

Convenient to use.

Small in size and hands-free, you can easily use it whenever you want and take it anywhere. Many jaw strengtheners use it while driving, at their computer or at home comfortably in front of the television.

frequently asked Questions

By chewing gum, can I expect the same results?

Not at all, walking and doing squats are not comparable, this principle also applies with this product. To develop your muscles, you need training with sufficient resistance. Even with the lowest level, you will feel the incomparable difference with chewing gum.

Is it really effective?

Quite ! With enough training, rest and nutrients, jaw muscles will grow like every other muscle in your body.

jaw muscler

User manual.

strengthen jaw
1 Boil
When boiling the product, leave it only 8 seconds maximum . Then rinse the product in warm water.

2 Adjust it to your teeth
Place the product on your teeth and gently press the white strips to mold them so they fit as best as possible.

3 Please follow our recommended training regimen here to achieve the best results and reduce the risk of injury.

4 Observe the results
Before you start your workouts, we suggest you take a photo. After 3-6 weeks of frequent exercise, take another photo and see your progress.
You can also send us your before and after photo in the comments below!

Your face, the most visible part of the body!

The jaw trainer allows you to train your most visible body part without sweating and wherever you are. Think about it, your face is the first thing a person looks at when talking to you

Moreover, according to studies, it is the first thing that attracts people the most.
Athletes spend many hours training their body, so why not train your face?

strengthen jaw

Our priority, your safety! Hygienic silicone complies with current standards.

When designing, the most important thing for us was the safety of the product for our users. Materials placed in your mouth are completely safe.
  • Ultra-hygienic silicone
  • Premium materials


    Ball material: FGS

    Occlusion strip material: EVA

    Size: 5cm x 3.6cm x 4cm

    Weight: 35g

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      Jaw strength training
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