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balance connectee
balance connectee

Scale-Fit Connected Scale

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Step on Your Connected Scale for Instant Analysis

Whether for a diet, a dietary rebalancing, a sporting goal or for health monitoring, simply indicating your weight is insufficient.

Carry out a complete analysis of your body thanks to the power of the sensors placed on the new Scale-fit connected scale in order to focus on the essentials and achieve your goals.

Take control

Thanks to the complete analysis of your body in less than 30 seconds, the Scale-Fit connected scale, also called an impedance meter , provides you with measurements with unrivaled precision. Knowing your body is the best way to achieve your goals effectively.

17 indicators of your body composition

BMI: Body mass index is an indicator used to estimate your body size.

IMG: The body fat index indicates the proportion of adipose tissue in your body.

Fat mass: Find out your subcutaneous and visceral fat percentage.

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Muscle: Indication of the percentage of muscle mass.

Hydration: The percentage of water content is very important for your health and helps boost the body's ability to burn fat

Bone density: Body composition of bone tissue weight.

BMR: Basal Metabolic Rate is the amount of calories your body burns daily at rest

Protein Level: An important component of all cells and tissues in your body.

+9 Other indicators such as the degree of obesity, your muscle weight as well as your fat-free weight....

A Connected Scale, Ideal for Staying Motivated!

The frustration linked to unachieved goals is often linked to the lack of precise monitoring, understanding of one's body or the lack of results.

You will now have all the key indicators at your fingertips as well as your personalized development curve, perfect for monitoring your results, adapting your program and staying motivated.

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3 Modes Available to Fit Your Lifestyle

Athlete Fashion : Sporty? Activate athlete mode so that Scale-fit adapts certain measurements such as Body Mass Index to avoid skewing the measurements.

Pregnancy Mode : Adapts to your pregnancy by changing your body composition calculation and turning off certain inappropriate measurements.

Baby Mode: Weigh your child easily in seconds by following the instructions on the screen.

Much More Than a Personal Scale...

Big family ? Save multiple profiles and enjoy your Scale-Fit connected scale together!

Up to 8 users on a single application!

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An easy-to-use scale

Download the compatible application from the Google Play Store and Apple Store using the QR Code provided with your scale . When the application is installed, use is done in 3 simple steps:

  1. Open the app on your smartphone or tablet
  2. Step on the scale
  3. Stay on the scale during analysis
  4. Observe the results!

Take advantage of our limited promotional offer to order your new generation Scale-Fit scale!


Power supply: 4 AAA batteries (not included)

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Scale-Fit Connected Scale
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