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ceinture de sudation
ceinture sudation
Sweat Belt
ceinture de sudation
ceinture sudation
Sweat Belt

Sweat Belt

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Sweating Belt/Corset: Optimizes weight loss and sculpts the silhouette.

The sweat belt increases perspiration to eliminate toxins located around your waist. In addition to helping you lose weight up to 2 times faster, the slimming corset helps increase your sports performance and correct your posture.


  • Fat burning for a weightloss fast
  • Promotes the elimination of toxins
  • Firms the skin
  • Correct it Posture
  • Cleanses the skin deeply thanks to the sauna effect
  • Superior quality adjustable and stretchable belt .

By using your sweat belt regularly, your waistline will be visibly slimmer in a few weeks. If you practice physical activity in addition, you will have the perfect combination to achieve your goals and obtain a flat stomach and a dream size.

slimming corset before after

Velcro sweat belt

Ensuring a complete optimal compression, your slimming corset will accelerate your weight loss, refine your size and eliminate unnecessary fats and toxins.

There Compression technology helps reduce waist size up to 5 cm .

Discreet , wear your seat belt under your clothes to refine your size and sculpt your body in all circumstances and comfortably.

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    Take advantage of our limited offer to refine your waist with our sweat belt!


    • 70% Neoprene
    • 15% Nylon
    • 15% Polyester
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    Sweat Belt
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