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debardeur sudation homme
2in1 men's sweat tank top
debardeur sudation homme
2in1 men's sweat tank top

2in1 men's sweat tank top

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2in1 men's sweat tank top: Burns fat and corrects posture.

By wearing a sweat tank top the thermoregulation of your body will be favored in order to burn the fat by wearing it discreetly under your clothes or during your sports sessions.

  • Targets the most difficult areas 
  • Optimizes weight loss
  • Comfortable and discreet

men's slimming tank top

2in1 sweat tank top

Prevent back pain and adopt a confident posture by discreetly wearing your tank top during your daily activities. Its slimming corset effect thanks to its 2 adjustable side belts instantly corrects your silhouette.

men's sweat tank top

Men's slimming tank top: what results?

By wearing your sweat tank top regularly, you will achieve significant results in just a few weeks! The results below were obtained by wearing it every day, combined with two sports sessions.

sweat tank top before after

Try our new generation sweat tank top and optimize your results.

Are you hesitating between two sizes?

If you are hesitating between two sizes we advise you to choose the biggest of both sizes. The soft fabric adapts perfectly to all body shapes.

Material: Polyester

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2in1 men's sweat tank top
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