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electrostimulation abdos et fessiers
electrostimulation abdo fessier
electrostimulation abdos et fessiers
electrostimulation abdo fessier

Electrostimulation Abdominals & Buttocks: Complete Pack

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Abdominal & Buttocks Electrostimulator

Want to achieve your goals faster? Discover our complete pack of Electro'Fitness and Electro'Squat muscle stimulators! Electrostimulators for your abs , your buttocks and 2 exported belts to target the rest of your body effectively.

✅ Scientific EMS technology
✅ Toned body & developed muscles
✅ Cordless design: lightweight and portable

Special gluteal electrostimulation with Electro'Squat !

One of the major problems during sports training is poor execution of the exercise, as a result, the glutes are not properly targeted!

The Electro'Squat muscle stimulator perfectly targets your muscle fibers thanks to non-painful electrical impulses to tone and strengthen your buttocks more efficiently and quickly.

  • 10 adjustable intensities to progress at your own pace
  • Toned silhouette : Effective against the “orange peel” appearance 
  • Fat burning: Repeated muscle stimulation helps burn fat.
buttock electrostimulator

  • Easy to use: You will have ease of implementation which will encourage you to repeat your sessions. Simply start your training program and it will automatically stop at the end of your 20-minute session.
  • Perfect adhesion: Use Electro'Squat while moving, the adhesion of the gels ensures comfortable support.
Buttock electrostimulator
  • Muscle recovery: Reactivates circulation, oxygenates and relaxes tense muscles. Ideal for eliminating toxins accumulated during intensive efforts.

Special abdominal electrostimulation with Électro'Fitness!

Electro'Fitness is a latest generation wireless electrostimulator composed of an abdominal belt and 2 exported belts. The stimulators incorporate scientifically proven EMS technology allowing you to build muscle and firm your body effectively.

The involuntary contractions caused by the intensity of the belts allow you to work your muscle fibers in depth.

abs electrostimulator

  • Take advantage of the 2 exported electrodes included to target most of the muscles in your body: arms, thighs, calves, obliques and back.
complete abs butt pack
  • Equipped with 8 electrodes to target your entire abdominal area.
abdo electrostimulator
Why wait any longer to get visible results? Take it to the next level with next-generation muscle stimulation!

Content of your order:
- 1 abdominal stimulator
- 1 Buttock stimulator
- 2 Belts exported
- 4 connection boxes
- 2 User manuals
Each stimulator is already equipped with conductive gels on each electrode.


Power supply: 2 AAA batteries (not included)
Material: Cotton and ABS

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Electrostimulation Abdominals & Buttocks: Complete Pack
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