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appareil douleur cervical
Electrostimulation cervical
soulager douler cervical
appareil douleur cervical
Electrostimulation cervical
soulager douler cervical

3 in 1 Remote Controlled Cervical Electrostimulator

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New Generation Portable Electrostimulator: Eliminates Your Neck Pain Quickly.

Cervical osteoarthritis, poor night's sleep or posture at work are the main causes of unpleasant pain felt in the neck . Relieving them with a simple massage is often insufficient.

Relax and let the scientifically proven effectiveness of the cervical massager work and soothe your pain in record time.

New 3in1 Wireless Cervical Massager: Effect felt from the first use!

With its gentle, painless electrical impulses, it will gently warm your muscle and stimulate the secretion of endorphin (well-being hormone).

You can simultaneously use the heating mode with electrical stimulation for greater effectiveness.

Relieves inflammation and stiff neck

    Eliminate muscle tension

      Improves blood circulation

        From the first use you will feel the relaxing benefits of concentrated pain stimulation within our compact and wireless innovation, very easy to use.

        relieve cervical
        • Improves blood circulation
        • Effective against headaches
        • Adjustable intensity
        • 3 Modes massage
        • Heating mode
        • Portable

        A Session in All Circumstances.

        Do you experience pain at work? Treat yourself to a silent but effective relaxation session and enjoy a day without neck pain!
        cervical pain device

        Thanks to its compact format, take your stimulator everywhere with you to meet your needs during a travel , during or after your sports session or comfortably from home.

        Say Stop Neck Pain!

        The world-renowned cutting-edge EMS technology is integrated into our new stimulator, an innovation widely used in the medical environment, more particularly in physiotherapy for its natural analgesic effectiveness.

        Take advantage of our current promotional offer and free yourself from unpleasant tension and pain with our new generation cervical stimulator!

        Features :

        Weight: 160g

        Charging mode: USB

        Charging time: 2 hours

        Battery life: 8 hours

        Duration of a massage program: 15 minutes

        Built-in battery: 450mAh

        Materials: ABS + stainless steel

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        3 in 1 Remote Controlled Cervical Electrostimulator
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