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electrostimulation genoux
ANTALGIX™ Knee Electrostimulation
genouillere electrostimulation
electrostimulation genoux
ANTALGIX™ Knee Electrostimulation
genouillere electrostimulation

ANTALGIX™ Knee Electrostimulation

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ANTALGIX™: Anti-Pain Electrostimulation special for Knees

Joint pain? Muscle stiffness? Enjoy all the benefits of a session of physiotherapy from the comfort of your home. Pain relieving electrostimulation effectively relieves knee pain.
knee electrostimulator
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Relieve your knees effectively

Neurostimulation is an analgesic solution non-medicinal acting effectively against all types of pain. This process is particularly used in physiotherapy for its many benefits.

Pain relieving electrostimulation is often used as part of knee rehabilitation and to relieve users suffering from osteoarthritis, tendonitis or sprains.

  • Effective against all types of pain : acute pain, chronic pain, deep muscle pain, sciatica, rheumatism, tendinitis and migraine.
  • Reduced stiffness of the joint and pain associated with osteoarthritis
  • Accelerates muscle recovery linked to training thanks to recovery programs, your muscles will be relaxed thanks to relaxing and toning massages.
  • Effects felt instantly.

Portable TENS electrostimulation: Relieve Your Knees in All Circumstances.

Benefit from the benefits of pain-relieving and recuperative stimulation anywhere! Compact, easy-to-use device with advanced technology scientifically proven.
TENS is the definition of “transcutaneous electrical neurostimulation” and is an analgesic method intended to relieve your pain using a non-painful electrical current. 

  • Adjustable timer from 10 to 60 minutes with automatic shutdown
  • 16 programs integrated
  • 4 electrodes to meet your needs
  • Adjustable intensity on 10 levels
  • Long-lasting rechargeable battery
  • Light and portable

Content of your order:
- 1 power supply box
- 2 knee pads
- 1 Charger
- 2 connector wires
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ANTALGIX™ Knee Electrostimulation
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