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electrostimulation abdos efficace
ceinture electrostimulation efficace elec tonic
electrostimulation abdos efficace
ceinture electrostimulation efficace elec tonic


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Toner'Fit: Latest Generation Abdominal Belt.

New generation unisex (man-woman) stimulators designed for fitness enthusiasts of all levels. The Toner'Fit abdominal belt is unique in its kind: thanks to its 10 electrodes, including 2 targeting the obliques , each abdominal muscle will be used effectively in order to tone and sculpt your body quickly.

  • Tones and develops muscles
  • Promotes fat burning
  • Improves muscle recovery
  • Light and discreet
  • EMS technology
  • USB charging
abdominal belt
Innovative and easy-to-use design designed to adapt to all types of body types. Place the belt on your abdominal strap, choose your program and let Toner'Fit take care of you!

2 Exported Stimulators included

Effectively target other parts of your body thanks to the 2 exported belts included in your pack:

  • Buttocks
  • Legs
  • Arm
  • Back
  • Pectorals...

Muscle stimulator with 10 adjustable intensity levels depending on your goals and level.
Continue your training without worrying about power, recharge your Toner'Fit belts easily from any USB device!

Abdominal belt
Light and discreet belts for use in all situations! During your sports sessions, at the office or watching your favorite series, Toner'Fit takes care of you silently but effectively!
Stimulators equipped with the latest generation EMS technology that perfectly meet each of your needs.

Physical preparation: Warm-up, endurance, strength, explosive strength, core

Fitness: firm your stomach, sculpt your abs, tone your arms or thighs, sculpt your butt.

Recovery & painkiller: Accelerates muscle recovery after training, eliminates lactic acid, reduces aches, relieves neck/back pain, effective against the feeling of heavy legs.

The new generation Élec'tonic electrostimulation adapts to each of your muscles, providing you with optimal comfort of use for better performance.

Take advantage of our limited introductory offer to order your Toner'Fit abdominal belt!

Content of the Complete Pack:

1 x Abdominal belt

2 x Exported Belts

3 x Power supply boxes

1 x Triple Connection USB Charging Cable

1 x User Manual

Content for choosing the Abdominal Belt Only:

1 x Abdominal Belt

1 x Power supply box

1 x USB charging cable

1 x User Manual

All our belts are already equipped with conductive gels.

Toner'Fit is available exclusively on our official website, be careful of dangerous counterfeits circulating on the internet.

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