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pistolet masseur
pistolet massant
AI32 Massage Gun
AI32 Massage Gun
AI32 Massage Gun
pistolet masseur
pistolet massant
AI32 Massage Gun
AI32 Massage Gun
AI32 Massage Gun

AI32 Massage Gun

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AI 32 Professional Massage Gun : The only one integrating Artificial Intelligence.

Forget muscle tension after your sports sessions or your work days with the AI32 massage gun incorporating 32 percussion speeds to effectively meet your different needs.

  • 8 interchangeable heads included
  • Accelerated and optimizes the muscle recovery
  • Improvement blood circulation and muscle oxygenation
  • Ideal for warming up , tense muscles and muscle pain
  • Quiet massage gun
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AI 32 Professional Massage Gun : These Benefits

The built-in artificial intelligence can automatically adjust the motor speed and power output according to the massage pressure, so that each stroke can reach the pain and protect each muscle group.

Approved by professionals health, percussion therapy is the quickest and most effective way to relieve muscle pain.

    • 32 Levels adjustable speed
    • Portable & Light
    • Simple of use

    Optimize your workout!

    Percussion massage is ideal for relieving your contracted or aching muscles before, during or after your sports session. The AI32 muscle massage gun is used by many athletes and individuals of all levels.

    Aches and pains present up to several days after your workout reduce energy levels and therefore performance is impacted.

    The AI32 massage gun is the ideal tool to naturally quickly relieve aches and relax muscles for better performance.

      Mass at depth  muscle tissue significantly reducing recovery time and soreness

        The self-massage gun will be delivered to you with 8 heads interchangeable v We can treat any type of aches, muscle stiffness or knots effectively.

        Choose from our 4 available colors and take advantage of our limited discount* to order your AI32 massage gun.

        Content of your order:

        - AI32 massage gun
        - 8 interchangeable heads
        - Storage trunk
        - Charger
        - User Manual

        Features :

        Model: AI32

        Number of massage heads: 8

        Power supply: Rechargeable battery (charger included)

        Battery capacity: 2500mAh

        Battery life: 6 to 8 hours (depending on use)

        Rated speed: 1200~4000/min

        Speed ​​Levels: 32

        Weight: 890g

        Certification: CE

        compex massage gun

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        AI32 Massage Gun
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