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bottes de pressothérapie professionnel
Pressotherapy: 2in1 compression massage boots
bottes de pressothérapie professionnel
Pressotherapy: 2in1 compression massage boots

Pressotherapy: 2in1 compression massage boots

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Pressotherapy, the device for light legs and rapid recovery.

Our innovative pressotherapy boots effectively treat heavy and painful legs, tight muscles and aches. By combining the heat of thermotherapy with air compression, they reduce pain and swelling in the legs. These boots are unique because they are the only ones to integrate these two natural therapies.

  • Relieved pain
  • Increase blood flow
  • Decreases inflammation
  • Eliminate cellulite adipose*
The pressotherapy device that we offer, in the form of massage boots, is an effective ally against water retention, often responsible for fatty cellulite. It stimulates lymphatic circulation to help eliminate fats and toxins stored under the skin."

Pressotherapy via boots: What are the benefits for your well-being?

Improving blood and lymphatic circulation, pressotherapy helps to relieve the feeling of heavy legs, varicose veins, edema and lymphedema, etc. It also helps improve recovery in athletes.

Recovery after a long working day Standing or a workout has never been so simple and satisfying.

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The effectiveness has been proven by scientific studies.

We exclusively offer products with technologies backed by appropriate research and recommended by doctors and health specialists.

Air compression leg massage decrypted: How does it work?

THE massage boots by compression firmly hugs your legs without pain thanks to adjustable pressure to your liking. This therapy stimulates your blood circulation, relaxes tense muscles and relieves pain quickly and naturally.
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Thermal treatment and soothing massage effective against stress

Forget medicinal solutions by reducing inflammation and pain naturally by combining a compression massage and a soothing thermal treatment.

Runs: Recover quickly after a workout or prepare your muscles for a long session of running.

Seated work: After prolonged sitting and lack of movement, increase blood flow to your legs.

Standing Work: Relieve pain for sore joints and muscles after a long day of standing work.

Chronic Pain: The combination of compression massage and heat therapy helps relieve chronic pain.

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Élec-Tonic strives to offer innovative products that meet the expectations of athletes and amateurs of all levels at affordable prices. Enjoy of our limited offer to order your new generation pressotherapy boots at a lower cost before stocks last.

Content of your order:

- 2 Pressotherapy Boots

- 1 Remote control

- 1 Adapter

- 1 User manual

Frequently asked Questions :

Q- Can I select the massage zone?

R- Quite ! for example, you can choose to massage only your feet or your thighs.

Q- Is the heat constant?

R- You are free to choose to use heat therapy or to deactivate it.

Q- What is the battery life?

R- 3 to 4 hours of use depending on the intensity and modes used.

Q- What do the 6 modes correspond to?

R- Legs Mode : Massage calves and thighs at the same time.

Feet mode: M assage from toes to ankles.

Pinch mode: Massage from the calf to the toes and thigh in circular movements, the intensity gradually increasing.

Press mode: Massage from calf to thigh and foot.

Relaxation mode: Massage of all parts.

Automatic mode : first apply pressure to the calf and thigh and massage, then massage the feet. Then massage calf/thigh/feet at the same time, the pressure gradually builds, each cycle repeats.

Q- Can I return the item if I am not satisfied ?

A- Absolutely! You have 14 days after receipt of your item to return it to us for a full refund.

Precautions and Suggestions for Use

- Cleaning: Simply use a damp cloth and wipe gently. Do not immerse the device in water!

- Make sure “L” on the connector is facing up and “R” is facing down. Otherwise, air pressure cannot be produced.


Output voltage: 3.7V 2.5A

Power supply: 5V 2A

Battery capacity: 3000mAh

Automatic program: 20 minutes

Sound: 52dB minimum / 60dB maximum

6 Modes: Auto, legs, feet, pressure, pinch, relaxing massage.

Thermotherapy (knee): 35℃, 45℃, 55℃, (adjustable temperature)

Leg circumference size: Foot circumference: 36 CM maximum / Calf circumference: 55.5 CM maximum

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Pressotherapy: 2in1 compression massage boots
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