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roulette abdo
roue pour abdo
roulette musculation
roue pour abdominaux
roue pour abdo
roulette abdo
roue pour abdo
roulette musculation
roue pour abdominaux
roue pour abdo

Automatic Abdominal Wheel

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Information : Couleur bleue actuellement en rupture de stock.

4D abdominal tool: The ultimate evolution for sculpting your abs.

The abdominal wheel with automatic rebound is the ideal device for people who want to achieve a sculpted body. Thanks to its automatic rebound system, it is easy to use and allows you to obtain rapid results.

For All Levels: Ideal for beginners and experienced athletes.

Technological Innovation: Rebound technology for smooth and stable movement.
Maximum Comfort: Non-slip handles ensuring a firm grip.
Unparalleled versatility: Suitable for all surfaces without leaving marks.

Multimedia features: Integrated phone support and stopwatch to monitor and optimize your sessions.

Innovation and Performance

Thanks to its rebound technology, the roulette offers smooth and stable movement, ensuring better performance with each exercise.

ab wheel

Comfort and Safety

Our non-slip handles guarantee a firm grip, allowing for better grip and optimal safety during your sessions.

abdominal roulette

Adaptability and Versatility

Usable on any surface without leaving marks, it is perfect for everyone, from beginners to experienced athletes.

Multimedia Features

Don't just work out: track your progress, view tutorials, and time your sessions with our built-in phone holder.

Sculpt your abs by taking advantage of our limited offer* to order your new generation Abdominal Wheel.

Content of your order:

  • Abdominal wheel with elbow pad
  • Stopwatch
  • Carpet
  • Smartphone holder
  • Manual

Features :

  • Load supported: 130kg
  • Weight: 1900 g.
  • Product dimensions: 50 x 26 x 22 cm
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Automatic Abdominal Wheel
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