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roulette abdos
roue abdominale decathlon
4D Tonic Abdominal Wheel
4D Tonic Abdominal Wheel
roulette abdos
roue abdominale decathlon
4D Tonic Abdominal Wheel
4D Tonic Abdominal Wheel

4D Tonic Abdominal Wheel

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4D Tonic Abdominal Wheel: The Plank Reinvented.

Known to be one of the best and most effective exercises for a flat stomach and a toned body, the new generation 4D Tonic abdominal wheel is the only one that allows you to tone your entire body thanks to its innovative support and these varieties of movements exclusive.

  • Improves muscle tone
  • Suitable for beginners and experienced athletes
  • Perfect isolation of the abdominal strap for concrete results
  • Adjustable angles to move at your own pace
ab wheel

4D Tonic: The New Generation Abdominal Wheel!

Boring traditional plank exercises and ab crunches are a thing of the past! By adding an element of movement of angles, 4D Tonic fits perfectly for beginners and experienced athletes. abdominal roulette

Traditional abdominal wheel users have difficulty targeting the abdominals because the exercise places heavy strain on the triceps to the detriment of the abdominal core. Thanks to the lateral supports, your sets of rollers will perfectly isolate the abdominal strap while minimizing the stress on the triceps!

Designed for Comfort and Performance

Being comfortable during these sessions is extremely important to stay motivated over time to achieve these goals. Designed to allow freedom of movement with maximum support, 4D Tonic eliminates pressure on the wrists and shoulders associated with abdominal wheel and core exercises (the plank).

wheel for abs

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- Size: 42 / 39cm

- Wheel: L 10cm / D: 17.8cm

- Weight: 1.8kg

- Supports up to 150kg

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4D Tonic Abdominal Wheel
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