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short electrostimulation
short electrostimulation

X-Buttocks™ Electrostimulation Shorts

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X-Buttocks™ electrostimulation shorts

Want to tone and shape your butt effectively? Our new generation X-Buttocks™ electrostimulation shorts will help you achieve your goals in just a few weeks while minimizing your efforts!

X-Buttocks™ electrostimulation shorts: Cutting-edge technology.

You do not have no time for a sports session? The X-Buttocks™ shorts effectively stimulate your 3 gluteal muscles to bring you results quickly while going about your business!

Equipped with cutting-edge EMS technology, scientifically proven, our electrostimulation shorts will bring you visible results in record time.*

  • 3 Programs : Maintenance / bodybuilding and strength
  • Visible results after 2 weeks of use*
  • Promotes fat burning
  • Struggle against the “orange peel” appearance
  • Increases muscle volume
  • Muscle recovery accelerated

buttocks thigh electrostimulation shorts
  • Sensations non-painful : conductive gels are placed on the electrodes to avoid direct contact with your skin while preserving the effectiveness of the stimulation.
  • Adjustable on all body types
  • Use easy

Material professional integrating 7 programs and 99 Adjustable intensities to allow you to progress at your own pace .

* In order to obtain rapid results, we recommend weekly use of 4 to 5 sessions of 20 minutes per day.

X-Buttocks™: The New Generation electrostimulation shorts

Superior quality shorts designed to offer you optimal comfort of use. Tone and shape your seat has never been so comfortable !

The benefits of electrostimulation in 3 steps:

  1. Turn on the power box
  2. Select your program and adjust the intensity
  3. Enjoy of your session! Automatic shutdown at end of session
women's electrostimulation shorts

  • During a sports session: allows you to make the natural movements of the body during the exercises, the electrodes will remain stable during your session, You will thus increase the effectiveness of your sessions.
  • In addition or as a replacement: muscle stimulation will also be ideal if you don't practice regular physical activity or if you don't have time for your usual session.

Take the shortest route to tone and shape your butt with our X-Buttocks™ shorts! Your satisfaction is our priority, you are satisfied or fully refunded within 14 days.

    content order short electrostimulation

    -1 Shorts

    -1 Charger

    -1 Power supply box

    -4 conductive gels

    -1 User manual


    • Size: one adjustable
    • Programs: 7
    • Intensity Levels: 99
    • Power Supply: Rechargeable
    • Charging time: 2 hours
    • Input Voltage: 100V~240V AC 60/50Hz
    • Power supply: Rechargeable battery (charger included )
    • Material: quality neoprene fabric
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