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support pistolet massage
Massage gun holder
Massage gun holder
support pistolet massage
Massage gun holder
Massage gun holder

Massage gun holder

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New massage gun holder: Effortless massage for inaccessible areas.

The solution to reach and relieve inaccessible muscles or to avoid holding your massage gun during your relaxation session.

  • Suction cup adaptable to all types of smooth surfaces.
  • New robust and reliable suction cup technology.
  • Easy attachment more relying on someone to reach sore, hard-to-reach muscles that are hard to relieve yourself.

The massage gun holder allows you to get the best self-massage on your back and other hard-to-reach areas.

  • Adjustable size fits 98% of massage guns.

The most efficient and effective way to reach hard to reach muscles in pain.

frequently asked Questions

Q 1- Which massage gun does this work with?
R 1 - The handle diameters between 35 mm and 60mm will be suitable. Please note: all the gun models we offer fit on the support

Q2 - How long does it stay on the wall?
R 2 - After 30 minutes of using your device, remove it from the wall and tighten it to restore any loss of suction. The suction cup mounting system is not a permanent mounting solution and can easily be mounted and removed from your wall/surface.

Q 3 - Does the support damage the wall?

R 3 - No risk, but Do not attach to plaster walls, damaged drywall or wallpaper as damage may occur.

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Massage gun holder
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