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6 in 1 Muscle Pain Relief Device

6 in 1 Muscle Pain Relief Device

Device to relieve muscle pain: The Electro'TENS Revolution

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS), also called electrotherapy, is a method of pain relief involving the use of a weak electrical current . All pain relief devices (TENS) are powered by rechargeable battery, batteries or electrical outlet.

Électro'Tens is the only portable electrotherapy device on the market that only requires a simple connection to your smartphone/computer or tablet in order to relieve your pain anywhere!

devices to relieve muscle pain

Electro'TENS: The device to relieve muscle pain 6 in 1

All the advantages of a professional physiotherapy device in your pocket ! Electro'Tens is a device for effectively relieving muscle pain . It includes 6 carefully spaced programs to offer you maximum benefits beneficial to your recovery.

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The 6 programs integrated into Électro'Tens are:

  1. Hammer massage
  2. Massage therapy
  3. Kneading massage
  4. Scraping massage
  5. Acupressure massage (acupuncture)
  6. Cupping therapy

    Electro'TENS, Really Effective?

    Several studies demonstrate the effectiveness of electrotherapy for treating pain resistant to medication. These benefits are widely used in the medical field, particularly in physiotherapy .

    High-level athletes (football players, basketball players, etc.) regularly use these devices to relieve muscle pain as well as to accelerate muscle recovery.

    The use is very safe and the results are instantaneous, more and more users favor electrotherapy over the use of drugs to relieve muscle pain.

    Electro'TENS allows you to take care of yourself anywhere without medication thanks to new generation portable electrotherapy .

    It will help you reduce pain and muscle spasms caused by a wide range of problems, including:

    • Arthritis
    • Menstrual pain
    • pelvic pain caused by endometriosis
    • pain in the knee, neck etc...
    • Sports injuries

    Effective for all types of pain: acute pain, chronic pain, deep muscle pain, sciatica, rheumatism, tendinitis, migraine, etc...

    The benefits are felt immediately after use.

    Easy to use!

    Designed to solve several recurring problems related to the use of traditional electrotherapy devices, including:

    No programming : Many users encounter programming problems with traditional electrotherapy devices. Électro'Tens directly integrates the 6 programs which take turns automatically. Only 2 Buttons for On/Off and Increase/Lower intensity.

    Easy Transport: In order to be able to use electrotherapy anywhere, the Électro'Tens innovation is the size of a simple pair of headphones!

    You place the pads directly on your skin, when you begin your program, small electrical pulses are delivered to the targeted area of ​​your body.

    Electrical impulses can reduce pain signals going to the spinal cord and brain, which can help relieve pain and relax muscles. They can also stimulate the production of endorphins , the body's natural painkillers.

    1. Position the electrodes

    Attach the electrodes to your skin before turning on Électro'TENS. Place the electrodes on either side of the painful area, at least 1 inch apart.

    Never place the electrodes on:

    • The front or sides of your neck
    • mouth or eyes
    • your chest and upper back at the same time
    • irritated, infected skin
    • varicose veins

    2. Turn on and adjust the intensity.

    Turn on Electro'Tens when the electrodes are fixed in the right places. You will feel a slight tingling sensation (not painful) pass through your skin.

    The + and - buttons allow you to control the intensity of the electrical pulses. Start on a low setting and gradually increase it until the sensation is strong but comfortable. If the tingling sensation begins to be painful or uncomfortable, ease it slightly.

    Électro'Tens turns off automatically after your 25-minute session, when you have finished using it and remove the electrodes from your skin and place them on the protective plastics to prevent them from drying out.

    What are the Risks of Electrotherapy?

    For most people, electrotherapy is a safe treatment with no side effects. Electro'TENS is not safe for everyone.

    Do not use it if:

    • you have a pacemaker or other type of electrical or metal implant in your body
    • you are pregnant or have a chance of being pregnant - Électro'TENS may not be recommended at the start of pregnancy
    • you have epilepsy or a heart problem

    If you have any doubts, ask your doctor for advice. Using a device to relieve muscle pain such as Électro'Tens can be done throughout the day, for as long as you wish, but do not use it while driving, in the bath or under the shower.

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