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Toner'Fit™: An Effective Abdominal Belt?

Toner'Fit™: An Effective Abdominal Belt?

To effectively sculpt these abs, the muscle fibers need to be used often, but above all correctly! If despite your efforts, you do not obtain the expected results, or have neither the time nor the motivation for a sports session, the use of an abdominal stimulation belt proves to be effective , but be careful, it there are some conditions to respect.

Below you will find the presentation of our new generation innovation designed to meet different needs as well as very useful advice to help you finally obtain concrete results .

Abdominal electrostimulation effective or not?

This is the question we receive most often because it is legitimate! When you look at certain advertising messages you have the impression that it only takes one occasional session to obtain a nicely sculpted abdominal area.

At Elec-tonic, we are transparent and do not sell dreams... Electrical stimulation has been proven for many years and clinically proven, these results no longer need to be proven.

Acquiring an abdominal belt is a very good start, but the first simple but effective tip that we advise you to follow is to use it at least 3 to 5 times a week.

Because according to a study carried out with 200 of our customers, the lack of rigor in the use of the abdominal stimulator is clearly the major concern: more than 48% !

In order to stick to it over time, we advise you to set a weekly goal and stick to it, write it on a piece of paper and hang it up if necessary or make a public commitment in front of your loved ones are 2 tips that can help you respect your commitment .

Want to maximize your results? Follow the other tips below:

  • Increase the intensity of your core gradually each day
  • If possible, also engage in physical activity
  • Increase your OMEGA 3 intake. For what ? Omega 3 contributes to the burning of fat, and particularly visceral fat also called “abdominal fat”!
Omega 3
there are food supplements based on omega 3, you will also find it in many foods such as salmon for example. Ask your doctor for advice before starting to take food supplements
  • Consume fats in moderation by cooking lightly.
  • Eat slowly so you get enough to eat.

To conclude this chapter, yes using an abdominal belt will help you sculpt your abs, burn fat and tone your skin, provided you use it regularly*

“Joining a gym is not enough, you have to go…. Ordering an abdominal belt is not enough, you have to use it”

*We recommend weekly use of 4 to 5 sessions of 20 minutes, gradually increasing the intensity session after session.

TONER'FIT, Is it really an effective abdominal belt?

In recent years, we have seen all kinds of abdominal stimulators including a widely used model (black model below).

The problem with this type of abdominal belt is the lack of stimulation of the most difficult to target areas such as:

❌ Lower abs

❌ Obliques also called “love handles”

Are abdominal belts effective?

It's unlikely that you only want to develop the rectus abdominis (front of the abs) and neglect your obliques and lower abdomen.

In order to offer complete stimulation of your abdominal muscles, we have studied and manufactured the Toner'Fit abdominal belt. The only belt on the market with 10 electrodes to fully and effectively target each muscle fiber.

The equivalent of a 20-minute session equates to over 150 sit-ups and 30 minutes of swimming.

If you also want to tone the rest of your body, the Toner'fit pack includes 2 exported belts to target the buttocks , thighs, arms or pectorals !

Does electrostimulation hurt?

The more fat you have in the abdominal area, the gentler the stimulation you feel will be. When you have lost visceral fat, the contractions emitted by the impulses will be felt more but bearable because we equip our products with conductive gels in order to avoid direct contact with the skin without losing effectiveness.

In addition, the intensities are adjustable, so you can gradually increase at your own pace. Electrical stimulation is also widely used in sports to gently warm up the muscles and avoid injuries, particularly in the winter season.

Rest assured, electrostimulation will not electrocute you (nice play on words, right?), gradually increase the intensities and everything will be fine.

The stimulation is electrical, is it dangerous?

Our products comply with current safety standards in order to provide you with high-performance products and safe use.

If any of the following apply to you, do not use electrical stimulation:

  • Pacemaker/cardiac wearer
  • Pregnant
  • Epileptic

Apart from these three warnings, electrostimulation is a safe practice, used for many years, if you have the slightest doubt, ask your doctor for advice.

Be careful of certain stores offering cheaper counterfeits of our products, but without safety standards!

For example: the law requires that muscle stimulators cannot, when starting a program, be at the maximum level in order to avoid any damage to the muscle fibers. This important safety standard is present in each of our devices unlike counterfeits.

An Abdominal Belt on the sofa, Effective or Not?

Yes, using an abdominal stimulator remains effective even when using it from your couch, but to obtain results, you will need to use it more often (5 times a week minimum). It will obviously be much more difficult to strengthen your abdominal muscles by eating hamburgers every day.

For people with a busy schedule, using an electrostimulator is a very good alternative to use it while you go about your daily activities such as reading, cleaning, or at work.

And if I play sports, what's the point?

You are athletic ? This is perfect, and we advise you, for your health, to continue to practice your workouts regularly!

If you do exercises to strengthen your abdominal muscles, using an abdominal electrostimulation belt will be very effective in stimulating your muscle fibers by contracting them more deeply, and therefore, your efforts will be rewarded more quickly.

If you do very little sport, using an electrostimulator during an exercise to work the abdominal core (core for example) or any other part of the body is recommended to increase your results tenfold!

Sore abdominal muscles? use your abdominal belt incorporating a massage mode like the Toner'fit belt to eliminate lactic acid from your muscles and recover more quickly.


  • Using electrical stimulation is very effective if you use it regularly. Consider increasing the intensity gradually
    • Effective in eliminating cellulite , toning and sculpting your body and fighting against the orange peel appearance.

    - As part of weight loss, you can eliminate visceral fat more quickly by increasing your omega 3 intake. Choose a less fatty diet if you want to achieve results more quickly.

    Do you want to put all the chances on your side? Opt for a new generation electrostimulation abdominal belt and try our Toner'fit innovation for 14 days designed to target your entire muscle belt effectively and bring you visible results after just a few weeks!

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