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bottes recuperation
bottes de recuperation
bottes de drainage lymphatique
bottes de pressothérapie darty
botte compression sans fil
bottes recuperation
bottes de recuperation
bottes de drainage lymphatique
bottes de pressothérapie darty
botte compression sans fil

AirFlex™ Wireless Compression Boots

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AirFlex™: New 2in1 Wireless Compression Boots: Your Ally for Light and Toned Legs

Adopt an effective solution against water retention, fatty cellulite and the feeling of heavy legs, while promoting better blood circulation. Discover the multiple benefits of our pressotherapy boots combined with thermotherapy, directly at your home.

Stimulation of blood circulation : Helps relieve symptoms of varicose veins and heavy legs.

Elimination of adipose cellulite : Massage promotes the drainage of fats and toxins stored under the skin.

Muscle recovery : Ideal for athletes, it helps reduce post-exercise pain and aches.

Stress relief : Thermotherapy provides a dimension of relaxation, helping to reduce tension.

compex compression boots

Advanced Technology for Your Well-Being

Ideal for athletes, people seeking well-being and those who suffer from heavy legs or fatty cellulite, our wireless compression boots provide an innovative response to your needs.

Combining the lymphatic drainage of pressotherapy with the relaxing heat of thermotherapy, our boots offer a complete and natural treatment for the well-being of your legs.

poor blood circulation natural treatment
lymphatic drainage boots

Wireless Freedom and Thermotherapy

Enjoy a massage wherever you are in your home with our wireless technology. Soothing heat complements the massage for deep relaxation and reduction of inflammation.


Ease of Use for Optimal Comfort

Adjust the air pressure and temperature to your liking for a tailor-made experience. Our lymphatic drainage boots are your ally for comfort and relaxation at home.

lidl pressotherapy boots

New Airflex™ 360°! ✨ Treat yourself to unparalleled relaxation and improve your blood circulation. Seize this unique opportunity with our limited introductory offer. Be among the first to discover this innovation.

Frequently asked Questions :

Q- Are there different sizes ?

R- These are one-size-fits-all boots, suitable for all body types, whether for men or women.

Q- How long is a session ?

A- Each session is automatically scheduled for a duration of 15 minutes.

Q- Is the heat constant?

R- You are free to choose to use heat therapy or to deactivate it.

Q- What is the battery life?

R- 2 to 4 hours of use depending on the intensity and modes used.

Q- What is the temperature of the thermotherapy mode?

R- The heat is adjustable to 3 levels: 40° / 42° / 48°

Q- Can I return the item if I am not satisfied ?

A- Absolutely! You have 14 days after receipt of your item to return it to us for a full refund.

Content of your order:

  • 1x Airflex™ 360° pressotherapy boots
  • 1x user manual
  • 1x USB Type-C charging cable.

Precautions and Suggestions for Use

- Cleaning: Simply use a damp cloth and wipe gently. Do not immerse the device in water!


Output voltage: 3.7V 2.5A

Power supply: 5V 2A

Battery capacity: 2500mAh

Automatic program: 15 minutes

Sound: 52dB minimum / 60dB maximum

Thermotherapy (knee): 40℃, 42℃, 48℃, (adjustable temperature)

Size: Unique adjustable

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AirFlex™ Wireless Compression Boots
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