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Anti-migraine electrostimulation
appareil anti-migraine
Anti-migraine electrostimulation
appareil anti-migraine

Anti-migraine electrostimulation

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Anti-migraine and anti-insomnia massage device by electrostimulation

This anti-migraine and insomnia massage device by electrostimulation will allow you to fight pain to naturally relieve your migraines and other headaches. You will have at hand the perfect relaxation device for a head massage, a forehead massage, which will help you fall asleep. 

A crucial sleep aid, completely painless , which will prevent you from taking medications and other products that are toxic to your health due to their side effects.

relieve migraine naturally

Its goal is to reduce tension, stress and various anxieties through stimulation waves to achieve calm through relaxation and obtain better sleep.

anti-migraine device

The two operating modes available allow you to adjust the pulse intensity setting according to your current needs.

Our therapy device is adjustable to your head size and lightweight.

You can easily take it with you to use it whenever you need it in all your daily activities. It recharges via USB using the cable provided and has a 200 mA capacity battery. 

Promote your well-being and sleep, adopt our new generation anti-migraine massager now.

Content of your order:

- 1 Anti-migraine massage device

- 1 USB charging cable

- 1 User manual

- 1 Conductive Gel.

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Anti-migraine electrostimulation
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